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Monday - Saturday
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Emergency service provided off hours add $100 to regular fees.

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All of Mohave County
& Surrounding Areas

Bullhead City
Chino Valley
Dolan Springs
Fort Mohave
Golden Valley
Grand Canyon
Lake Havasu
Mohave Valley
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Prescott Valley


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About Arizona RV Holding Tanks

We decided to get into full time RVing once the last of our children graduated high school. After an extensive search, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles, we decided on the very first RV we looked at from Top Hat RV in Bullhead City. Extremely happy with our fifth Wheel purchase, we moved to the Riverside Adventure Trails RV Resort in Ft. Mohave, AZ, to begin our semi-retirement child free.

Three months into our empty nest RV lifestyle the unthinkable happened. The black tank would not drain when the handle was pulled! It was the middle of December but it wasn't cold enough for the stuff in the tank to freeze. So, what was the problem?

As is typical in the RV community, there was an assortment of "solutions" offered by helpful fellow RV'ers. Such as:

  • Put Boiling Hot Soapy water in the tank - problem: if the tank doesn't drain then there's only so much hot soapy water you can add before.................. well you get the picture.
  • Bang on the tank.................Really??? Should I use a rock or a hammer? Banging the tank with ANYTHING is a VERY bad idea!
  • Put in an additive to dissolve the stuff NO! NEVER AGAIN!! Three or four bottles of Liquid plumber did not work! We're fortunate our tank survived that expensive brutal corrosive noxious assault that was an epic fail!
  • Use a snake.....Hmm... The problem with putting a snake down the toilet, into a 5' long tank, is we couldn't see to find the exit! I wonder why?!?
  • Use a snake from the exit side of tank with a bucket/tub/etc....Hmm... Let's see we have a REALLY FULL 40 gallon black tank..........a soapy sludge bomb of excrement seeking the path of least resistance! Not just NO! But, hell no! Not even as a last resort would I risk unleashing a three inch uncontrollable cesspool cannon upon myself! I was not prepared for a deluge of tank sludge gunk that would make a HAZMAT team flee in terror!
  • And then, a ray of hope! Someone gave Scott the name of someonw who is now a "competitor". We called immediately, only to find out he does not service the Ft. Mohave/BHC area. He did, however, give us the number for Mark Pratt of Lake Havasu City who was the owner of "All Pro Water FLow SW LLC". Where did these people come from? After contacting Mark (who was on Christmas vacation in California) we made an appointment for January 2nd. That was another week away! Another week of mid night trips to an unheated bathhouse, (trudging uphill both ways during frigid Polar Vortex temperatures) in December, was almost more than we could bare.

    January 2nd finally arrive and, our wallet almost $400 lighter, our tanks were flowing freely. That was an expensive crash course on the Do's & Don'ts of RV Holding Tanks. While Scott was outside with Mark getting an "education", he saw a need for this service and an opportunity. After talking with Mark, over a two week period, we purchased the business. On January 24, 2014 we started our business. Mark stayed with us throughout the first year; helping us whenever a unique situation came along.

    Mark also introduced us to Don Zimmerman, who was the original trainer for the All Pro Water Flow parent company of All Pro Water Flow SW LLC.

    We furthered our training with Don and were introduced to the TankTechsRx tank treatment. We are now authorized dealers for the products line.

    We decided to use what we learned along our way and our own personal experiences to "educate" people and help them to better understand the workings of their RV holding tanks. RV holding tanks/plumbing can be, and usually are, different from your fellow RV'ers. Tanks and plumbing can even differ on RVs that are the same make and model AND came off the production line one after the other! But, that's another story.

    We offer fair pricing and won't make you wait if you're plugged! We even operate outside of normal working hours. Most importantly we stand by our work!


    More About Us Personally

    What do we do when we are not cleaning holding tanks?


    We became tent-maker missionaries in 2016 (meaning we have a business we own and we don’t raise support for our salaries with CEF). In fact, our business joyfully gives to the ministry of CEF. That being said, we are still in need of faithful partnerships with local churches that will add CEF of Mohave County to their supported mission agencies. We need friends of the ministry that will PRAY and GIVE monthly to help us reach boys and girls with the Good News of Jesus. Your gifts of $25, $50, or $100 a month can make a huge eternal impact in the lives of children in Mohave County. You can conveniently give electronically by going to then click on the DONATE button.
    You can also send your gift to:
    CEF Mohave County
    PO Box 6928
    Kingman, AZ 86402.

    God Bless You!
    Numbers 6:24-26

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