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Q.   What is causing odor problems in my black and gray tanks?

A.   Odor problems are most often caused by struvite in the black tank and calcium build up on the gray tank walls that trap unhealthy odor causing bacteria. Most chemicals on the market today actually accelerate the formation of struvite crustals, and mixing chemicals can cause a reaction that also generates odors.

Q.   What is causing misreading problems on my sensors?

A.   Misreading problems can be caused by three things:

      1) Unclean tanks lined with struvite and calcium build up.
      2) Sludge and paper hanging up on the sensors.
      3) Elecrical problems with the sensors or control panel.

      However, most often one and two are the culprits.

Q.   Do cleaning attachments that and RV'er can buy really work?

A.   In many cases attachments will help, but only if there is minimal build up of foreign matter. Attachments to garden hoses usually operate at a low pressure (40-60psi). Our Hydro-Jetting service cleans your tank using between 500-3000psi, no foreign matter can withstand that amount of pressure!

Q.   How often should I give holding tanks a thorough Hydro-Jetting cleaning?

A.   We recommend that the tanks be cleaned once a year to prevent build up problems. The best time is before storage or after extended use. However, if you use our recommended 100% all natural probiotic TankTechRX treatment with plenty of water, then once every 2-3 years should be enough to keep your tanks in healthy working order.

Q.   Is a tank replacement neccessary if I have an odor or misreading problem that can not be solved with chemicals?

A.   No, these problems are usually caused by unclean tanks. A thorough Hydro-Jetting of these tanks will solve the problem.

Q.   How long does the Hydro-Jetting cleaning process take and do I need to leave my RV?

A.   The Hydro-Jetting service is scheduled by appointment and can be completed in usually just an hour or two. There is no need to leave your RV and we come to you at your full hook up site!

Q.   How do I know all the foreign matter is out of my tank?

A.   The customer can watch the process through clear pipe connectors and observe when the water becomes crystal clear. We also have a camerea system which we use in difficult and/or unique situations.

Q.   How is the use of chemical treatments affecting our environmet and sewage treatment plants?

A.   Every time you dump your chemically treated holding tanks, the waste either goes into an underground septic where the chemicals eventually seep into the ground or it goes to the local sewage treatment center where it must be reclaimed and recycled; less chemicals makes it easier to reclaim and recycle the water for our environment.

Q.   If I purchased a pre-owned RV am I getting someone else's "foreign matter"?

A.   Yes, because cleaning attachments and chemicals are not powerful enough to remove all foreign matter and you never know what condition the previous owners left the tanks in.

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